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6 Cascading Cymbidium Orchid Hybrids to Get Your Collection Started!

If a cascading Cymbidium orchid with flower spikes dangling from hanging baskets are your preference, there are some very impressive plants out there, so try these 6 great cascading Cymbidium Hybrids to get your collection off to a great start…

Cascading Cymbidium orchid varieties are very popular, and provide amazing displays of hanging spikes. Cascading Cyms are generally a miniature to intermediate flower size, but make up for their small size with very long inflorescences with masses of flowers.

Cym. Memoria Amelia Earhart

Registered in 1993 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Hazel Tyers × Cym. devonianum

A very popular cross since it’s release, using two great parents – the species Cym. devonianum and the very successful Cym. Hazel Tyers.

Hybridized by one of the world’s foremost hybridisers, Andy Easton, of New Horizon Orchids, Memoria Amelia Earhart is a fantastic cascading Cymbidium orchid and still holds it’s own and is used extensively for breeding, having been used as a parent at least 45 times! Progeny from this parent are proving to be pretty good too! This is one you should include in your cascading plant wish list for sure! It’s a must have!

This image has been borrowed from the OrchidRoots website.

Cym. Paradisian Tiger ‘Green Falls’

Registered in 2015 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Tiny Tiger × Cym. Sarah Jean

A good beginner’s plant to try with interesting lip markings that stand out.

This one also has devonianum as a grandparent, and with Cym. Sarah Jean as a parent you can’t go too wrong for an early plant to get the collection started.

Give it a shot for a bit of variation and colour!

This image has been borrowed from the Tesselaar website.

Cym. Sarah Jean ‘Ice Cascade’

Registered in 1973 this Cym is a cross between Cym. floribundum × Cym. Sleeping Beauty

An eternally popular cascading Cymbidium orchid and when left to grow into a specimen sized plant can look amazing with large numbers of pendulous spikes.

Many different cultivar’s are available ranging from whites to yellow’s, greens and an apricot that catch the eye, but it’s the white ‘ice cascades’ that is most popular.

This image has been borrowed from the Gardenia website.

Cym. Paradisian Ruby ‘Cascade’

Registered in 2015 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Sleepy Sarah × Cym. Ruby Eyes

Another from Paradisia, but another great beginners pendulous plant. A nicely shaped pink cascading Cym. that looks great with multiple spikes.

This one also has Cym. Sarah Jean in the background, as well as Cym. Sensation so some good genes here.

Another one to try for a bit of variation and colour!

This image has been borrowed from the Paradisia Nurseries website.

Cym. Gladys Whitesell ‘The Charmer’

Registered in 1983 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Fifi × Cym. sanderae

Yet another great crossing registered by Geyserland, winning numerous awards with its creamy white colour and unusual lip markings.

There are many different Gladys Whitesell cultivar’s that catch the eye but this one was the standout.

It has 30+ registered offspring and it has been crossed with both Cym. Memoria Amelia Earhart and Cym. Sarah Jean from this list.

Image taken from the Santy Orchids website.

Cym. Forrest Gump ‘High Spirits’

Registered in 1994 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Touchstone × Cym. Vogelsang

Quite a bit of the species Cym. devonianum in the background of this one, but another interesting cascading flower with an eye catching dark red spotted labellum.

Image taken from the Ezi-Gro Orchids website, and I believe it is still available from them.

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