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Tips to have your Cymbidium orchid flower year after year

The ultimate goal, obviously, is to have your Cymbidium orchid flower every year.  This is achievable if you select appropriate plants and look after your plants.

When you are looking to obtain new plants consider what your goal is…

Is your goal to have lots of just any hybrid flowering every year?  Are you looking for an orchid collection that is in flower all through the year?  Or are you looking for particular Cymbidium species or hybrids that may be more difficult to grow and flower less often, but carry flowers you prefer?  Maybe you are looking for a fragrant Cymbidium orchid flower?  There is no wrong answer here.  The answer is whatever suits you!  Your ideal Cymbidium orchid flower is whatever you choose!

Modern hybrids are bred for higher flower counts and bulbs that multi-spike, sometimes in successive seasons.

If all you want is flowers and more flowers, then these types of plants are for you!  But remember, most modern hybrids will flower around the same time during the Winter/Spring seasons.  

Cymbidium orchid flower - Cym. Gladys Whitesell 'The Charmer'
Cymbidium orchid flower - Cym. Gladys Whitesell 'The Charmer'

With new breeding though, the flowering season is extending all the time.  Some modern hybrids can start flowering from Autumn onwards.  Research the flowering time of the plants you wish to obtain so they align with your goals.

But the big question is how do you get a Cymbidium orchid to flower again, or re-flower?

In this section we talk about:

preparing for plants coming into flower, and 

preparing for the next flowering season

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