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How to Grow and Care for Cymbidium Orchids

For many of us, Cymbidium orchid growing and flowering is easy.  For someone new to the Cymbidium orchid scene it can be extremely difficult & frustrating, perhaps even impossible.  Caring for Cymbidium orchids is an easy skill to learn but we each learn how to get good results in many ways.  It could be with assistance from a family member or friend.  It could be by joining your local Orchid Club, or it could be by researching what an orchid requires, through books, magazines or the internet.  The information contained on this website should provide you with most of what you need to grow Cymbidium orchids successfully.

Goals are important!

Your goal may be to grow just a few plants, in a simple Cymbidium orchid growing environment.  It could be to become a serious and successful show bench grower.  It may be to set up a commercial, or semi commercial nursery.  But here are a few suggestions to get you started….

First of all, research the different Cymbidium orchid types, as all will be slightly different to grow.  Modern hybrids have slightly different requirements to older type species and primary hybrid Cymbidium orchids.  Usually, they will be easier to grow and flower more regularly.  Source and grow plants which are of a quality to meet your expectations.  Continually cull and upgrade your collection if you wish to improve and stay up to date.

In the 3 months or so after flowering, ensure all plants are in good condition or repot if necessary.  Water when needed and fertilise with a balanced fertiliser regularly.

Flower spikes are likely to appear towards the end of Summer and into Autumn.  From that time, fertilise with blossom booster type fertiliser.  Water very regularly and try to cool plants and increase humidity in times of extreme heat. 

It takes time and planning to ensure your cymbidium is happy, and wants to flower.  The more you understand the needs of your plant, and provide the conditions needed, the more likely you are to have a good flowering the following year.

The harder you work at looking after your plants, the luckier you will be.

Unfortunately, sometimes experts can disagree about some areas of Cymbidium orchid growing, and practices can change in time, as we learn the best way to succeed.  

As you learn more, you will be told things which can contradict or confuse.  Be prepared to ask questions, but also try to seek information from people who you trust, and do not have a vested interest in the outcome. 

The information about Cymbidium orchid growing on this site was compiled by Graham Morris (formerly of Valley Orchids in South Australia) and comes from many years of conducting the beginner’s forum before each monthly meeting of the Cymbidium Orchid Club of South Australia.  It also draws on the experience gained in presenting special workshops, to teach newcomers and experienced growers alike, all that they need to know to succeed in all cymbidium growing levels.  There were often more than 80 participants at the workshops, which often continued for many hours after official completion!

Further information was sourced from advanced and commercial growers, as well as my own Cymbidium orchid growing experiences spanning over 30 years.

Cymbidium orchid growing - Cym. Robeson Gate 'Edith
Cymbidium orchid growing - Cym. Robeson Gate 'Edith

This information refers to Cymbidium orchid growing in Southern Australia, but can easily be adapted for other growing climates.

Cymbidium orchid growing

In this section we will try to provide the necessary information to succeed in growing healthy orchids at all levels:

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