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This weeks Orchid of the week is… Cym. Sensation

Orchid of the Week - Cym. Sensation 'Red Beauty'
Orchid of the Week – Cym. Sensation ‘Red Beauty’

Parentage: This is a cross between Cym. Spartan Queen × CymFascination

Registered: 1961

The reason why it’s our Orchid of the Week:

This week’s Orchid of the Week is a plant responsible for some great progeny over the years. Sensation is an oldie, that’s for sure, but counts Cym. Waringah Winter, Cym. Akebono, Cym. Yowie Flame, Cym. Ruby Anniversary, Cym. Terama and Cym. Lancashire Rose among its more than 150 immediate offspring.

Further progeny down the line include Cym. Blazing Fury, Cym. Lancashire Ruby, Cym. Tathra and Cym. Wyong Flame. So it has good genes! So good in fact it has received three Awards of Distinction from the Australian Orchid Council in its time.

Sensation is a plant to be aware of, even if you don’t grow it, simply for the history behind it. So check it out using Orchid Roots to see what it has produced and also what is in the background that has made it so popular.

Breeders are still using Sensation, so keep a look out to see what is created in the future!

Looking back at the original species ancestors of this plant, using Orchid Roots, Cym insigne and Cym. lowianum are the major contributors present in the distant background.

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