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This week’s Orchid of the Week is… Cym. Golden Prize

Orchid of the Week - Cym. Golden Prize
Orchid of the Week – Cym. Golden Prize

Parentage: This weeks Orchid of the Week is a cross between Cym. Golden Fox × Cym. Prized

Registered: 2021

The reason why it’s our Orchid of the Week:

This week’s Orchid of the Week is the product of new breeding from 3 Amigos Orchids in South Australia. The 3 Amigos are fast becoming well known for new breeding with many new releases recently, and Cym. Golden Prize is just one of what they have to offer.

Oranges always stand out in a crowd and this one is certainly no different. Another bold red lip sets off this lovely shaped flower. But it was just one of many plants flowered by the 3 Amigos. A very wide range of flowers were noted and no doubt there will be many clones made from this crossing. I have Cym. Prized in my collection and the ‘Prized’ wide lip and markings can be seen to dominate in some of the progeny, such as the first image below. Not to be outdone though, Cym. Golden Fox can be seen shining through in other seedlings.

Seedling Variation Keeps Things Interesting!

And just to illustrate the wide flower variations we get in seedlings from any cross, some of those variations from this particular Cym. Golden Prize cross are shown below:

These four images were sourced from a post on the 3 Amigos Orchids Facebook page. And from the 3 Amigos: ‘Colour variations and shape has been very pleasing so we remade the cross last year’. So I can’t wait to see what some of the other variations are like in the near future!

Please contact 3 Amigos Orchids for information on this cross and to see if they have any available.

Looking back at the original species ancestors of this plant, using Orchid Roots, Cym. insigne, Cym. lowianum, Cym. hookerianum and Cym. eburneum are the major contributors present in the distant background.

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