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This week’s Orchid of the Week is… Cym. Forrest Place ‘Queens Jewel’

Orchid of the Week - Cym. Forrest Place 'Queens Jewel'
Orchid of the Week – Cym. Forrest Place ‘Queens Jewel’

Parentage: This weeks Orchid of the Week is a cross between Cym. Joan Luth × Cym. Solana Beach

Registered: 1992

The reason why it’s our Orchid of the Week:

This week’s Orchid of the Week is still popular despite its age and picked up a Highly Commended Certificate and an Award of Distinction from the Australian Orchid Council on registration in 1992. The spotting on the petals and sepals is quite attractive and I do like the lip on this flower.

Cym. Forrest Place is still competitive on the show bench but even more popular with the backyard hobbyist. There are quite a few of these plants around, but they they don’t come up for sale too often. Obviously people want to hold onto them!

A hybrid from Ezi-Gro Orchids in Western Australia, this Cym is still available for purchase from their website at a very reasonable price.

Looking back at the original species ancestors of this plant, using Orchid Roots, Cym. insigne and Cym erythrostylum are the major contributors present in the distant background with a little bit of Cym. eburneum thrown in too.

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