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6 Red Cymbidium Orchid Hybrids to Get Your Collection Started!

If bold red’s are your preference, there are some very showy flowers out there, but try these 6 good quality and very bold red Cymbidium Hybrids to get your collection off to a good start…

All of these hybrids have been around for a while, but these 6 red Cymbidium Orchid Hybrids are tried and tested, widely available and still popular today. Another article to follow will highlight new breeding and up to date recent releases to modernise your collection.

Cym. Blazing Fury ‘Deep Throat’

Registered in 1999 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Yowie Flame × Cym. Lancashire Rose

A very popular Cym over the years, it may be older but this Grey Bryant creation is a great addition to the collection, and has already been used as a parent extensively in further successful breeding. It is an eye catcher for sure!

This image is from my plant, flowered in 2019, before it was unfortunately lost to ORSV.

Cym. Barrita Inflamed

Registered in 2000 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Lady Angela × Cym. Flaming Vulcan

This one is a really new Cym. but I had to add it as it is another really good red from Barrita Orchids, who are continuing the line and breeding further with it already.

This image is from my plant, which was flowered in 2022, and is now quite a large plant so I’m hoping for a mass of spikes next year!

Cym. Valley Regent ‘Reggae’

Registered in 1992 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Lunata × Cym. Rolf Bolin

Another older registration from Valley Orchids, but still stands the test of time. It is still available and still popular. There were several varietal releases, this one being ‘Reggae’.

A great colour and a nice bold lip.

This image was supplied by Valley Orchids.

Cym. Regal Flames ‘Queen of Hearts’

Registered in 2010 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Wyong Flame × Cym. Alexandra’s Flame

Stronger and bolder lip markings give Regal Flames a point of difference here.

Regal Flames won Grand Champion of the 2016 national orchid extravaganza held in Dural, NSW, so a very worthy addition to your collection.

This image taken from the Cymbidium Orchid Club of Australia Facebook page.

Cym. Ruby Valley ‘Clare’

Registered in 2000 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Valley Regent × Cym. Ruby Eyes

Ruby Valley has been a popular red over the years and is still available. It’s nice deep red looks wonderful on a multi-spiking plant.

This image was supplied by Valley Orchids.

Cym. Wallamurra ‘Jupiter’

Registered in 1981 this Cym is a cross between Cym. Warella × Cym. Terama

This one is another old red Cym. for your collection, this time with another different lip marking. There is also a feathered cultivar still around called ‘Ninja’ which has also been very popular.

It might be old, but it’s still a lovely Cym to see in full flower today.

Image taken from the Launceston Orchid Society Facebook page.

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