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Hello! I am delighted to see you here on my website, all about Cymbidium orchids – a passion of mine! I have been growing these orchids since I was a teenager and introduced to them by members of my family who grew them. I have been lucky since, learning from many successful and knowledgable commercial growers, teaching me many things over the years that I have since applied in the success of my own orchid journey.

I have set up the Orchid Wise Society as a hub of useful information for all. It is my goal to provide continually updated information on species orchids and new hybrids, the education of growing, fertilising, cross pollinating and so forth. I look forward to many future conversations with other orchid enthusiasts!


Looking back at 2022 orchids

PS. I have to thank my very lovely wife who has kindly set up and designed this whole website, logos and all, even taken the photos of my orchids! Yes, it is super handy being married to a photographer with marketing and website design skills. Here is the link to her Black Cat Website Design Studio business website!

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